Executive Connections are delighted to sponsor this year’s ACCA Ireland Annual Chairman’s Lunch on Friday, March 24th, 2017.

ACCA Chairman's Lunch   Executive Connections Specialist Recruitment

The event takes place in President’s Hall, Blackhall Place, The Law Society of Ireland and will be hosted by Etain Doyle, ACCA Ireland Chair, FCCA.

Speaking on the day is Kingsley Aikins, who will talk about the critical importance of trusted relationships in a world of ever increasing change and diminishing trust and what is involved in developing and strengthening these relationships and benefit business.

Kingsley Aikins is founder and CEO of Diaspora Matters, a Dublin based consultancy company that advises countries, cities, regions, companies and organisations on how to develop strategies to connect with their Diasporas. He has worked with over 30 countries helping them develop strategies and devise policies, projects and programmes. He believes all countries possess Diaspora Capital which he defines as the overseas resources available to a country, city, location or organisation and is made up of flows of people, finance and knowledge.

We look forward to a great afternoon with ACCA members and guests. Register for the event here.