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Executive Connections Salary Survey 2017


Executive Connections publish an annual salary survey which offers clients and candidates alike a comprehensive sector and market overview as well as in-depth salary information. Our 2017 salary survey is broken up into a vast amount of job titles and salary ranges to give a well-rounded view of the market rates for 2017.

Please note that our salary surveys should be used as a guide only, as salaries vary with experience, qualifications, and industry knowledge in conjunction with economic climates.

In order to produce this document our research team obtained information from a number of sources developing a comprehensive salary guide across the Banking, Financial Services, Accountancy, Finance and related industries. Information gathered from our internal database, surveying professionals within the relevant
industries as well as conducting in-depth interviews with employers have been collated to provide up-to-date insights into the current hiring and macroeconomic trends which are shaping the Irish and global employment market.

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