choose your career

Principal Consultant for Executive Connection’s Accountancy division Joanna Pringle gives her advice on making the correct career decisions and how to choose a career that will fulfill your ambitions.

“I always recommend that people consider where their strengths lie. Think about what you like to do, if you like working with figures you may focus on this area. If being a business leader is attractive to you and something you know you would be successful at, it may have an impact on the sector and industry in which you pursue a career in.

Think carefully about your first role. Have a plan as to whether this is somewhere you see yourself long term and make sure that it is in an area that you can become an expert in. If you are unsure about the industry reach out and speak to someone in the industry – whether it be a recruitment consultant or a professional currently working in the field. By doing this you will gain an insight into the industry which can help you gauge where you are best suited.

I also recommend taking a psychometric test which will examine your capabilities in a particular field or advise an alternative field if necessary. Some areas are closely aligned so don’t be fearful.

I always remind people that some people change careers totally and this is becoming something I am seeing a lot more of as time goes on. It’s not always easy to get it right first time but that’s OK!”

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