“Great interviews arise from careful groundwork”

The interview can be the most daunting part of looking for a new job. For many, it can mean nerves and a lack of confidence. Overall, this is another opportunity to sell yourself to your potential employer and therefore it is an absolute necessity to prepare for an interview adequately.

When you choose Executive Connections to assist with your job search, you automatically get to tap in to the interview knowledge our consultants possess. They are committed to working closely with you to ensure you are fully prepared. We ensure you are aware of the type of interview you will be taking part in and will help you in every step of your interview preparation.

Interviews have many different structures with some being more formal than others. Competency based interviews, which are highly popular work on the belief that future performance will be based on past performance in a similar situation. They are made up of questions that require interviewees to describe situations they have been in and show how their past experiences will be useful going forward. With a competency based interview it is possible to have examples ready which highlight how your skills are relevant to the role you applied for and therefore you can be very well prepared.

While difficult, you should try to be relaxed and take part in normal conversation during your interview. Your CV has got you this far and the person interviewing you sees potential in you and is looking to find someone to do the job. They are on your side so you should be professional but real and try to show your personality.

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