How to address it as an employer in 2020

Throughout the whole of 2019, Mental Health in the Workplace was a topic discussed at length by lawyers, employers, employees, doctors, charities and the media. Each year tends to see certain issues coming to the fore more for employers. 2018 was undeniably the year of #metoo and, whilst that has continued into 2019 (and will continue into 2020 and beyond), other issues also came more into focus for employers in 2019.

Mental Health was one of the most wide-reaching workplace issues of 2019. This was consistent with a rise in awareness of mental health issues throughout society and also of the sometimes-catastrophic impact that our working lives, 24/7 connectivity and workplace stress, can have on our mental well-being.

Mental health has a much higher profile than it did a generation ago, but the job is far from done.

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