With the explosion of social media over the last few years the recruitment landscape has shifted accordingly but the old adage that ‘recruitment is marketing’ still simple tips to stand out when hiring Executive Connections Specialist Recruitmentholds true and is perhaps even more pertinent as you seek to attract high quality, suitably qualified people to your company. The marketplace is increasingly noisy and so in order to make your role / company stand out in the crowd you need to ensure you are visible, attractive and approachable.


Communicate your brand and company ethos clearly within your job description. Provide an overview of the company and the structure of the team rather than just a list of “To Dos”. People are attracted to people, not to lists. Be clear as to what the role entails by all means but also clearly communicate why you want/need someone to join your team rather than simply detailing what the person will be required to do. The best people want to be a part of something that matters. Tell them why it matters.


Sell your team and company in the job description and continue to do so throughout the recruitment cycle. Stay on message and don’t oversell either the position or the company. Everyone and every company have strong points and advantages so point them out at the start and reiterate them throughout the process.  Be clear on the message you want to get across, include it as part of your attraction strategy and be sure your recruitment team and organisation as a whole know what makes your company a great place to work as well as being able to communicate this to potential employees.


You are advertising for people to join you so when they do apply then try to communicate with them in a timely manner. Thank them for applying and outline how your application process will work prior to scheduling an initial screening call if appropriate. Keeping everyone updated throughout the process is a key but often overlooked factor.  If timelines change or unforeseen delays occur communicating these can ensure your candidate shortlist does not disappear before you are in a position to make a decision.

At Executive Connections we partner with top clients who are looking for the best candidates on the market and when we find them we treat them with respect and professional courtesy throughout the recruitment process.

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