A career in finance is a great choice; it’s rewarding, challenging, often well paid, provides variety, finance professionals are needed the world over and businesses can’t turnover without them. But how do you get your first finance job? What questions should you be asking yourself and what questions will potential employers be asking you?

Joanna’s top tips to consider when choosing your first role

While careers are flexible journeys that you can shape to suit your ambitions and strengths, you need to choose your first steps carefully. Taking your first role in a specific industry will mean that you gain experience in just one area and a move into a different sector may prove challenging.

Form a long-term plan and work out the steps to achieve it. Remember that it’s easier to move around within a chosen industry or specialty than to make big career changes, which can reflect poorly on your CV – employers want to see consistency and passion for a chosen career path.

Do plenty of research: talk to people working in different industries and specialisms; contrast and compare lists of your interests, strengths and needs; and talk to tutors and recruitment experts who can help point you in the right direction.

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