Top tips for banishing your pre-interview nerves.

It would be unnatural to not have some pre interview nerves going into an interview for a job you really want, but never let them get the better of you or ruin all of your preparation efforts. Here are some of my top tips to keep yourself centred and channel this positive energy.

Know your worth

Take a step back and review your credentials. Who are you and what do you bring to the table? It’s important to not only know your worth and motivations but also what you will offer the company and bring to the job. Be clear with yourself on your strengths and the assets you will bring to the job and own them, this alone will boost your confidence and ensure you impress your potential employer throughout.


We’ve all had perfect arguments in our minds with people that we plan on giving it socks to. Unfortunately, often in reality when the opportunity to say your piece arises you don’t get half of what you wanted to say out and end up kicking yourself in frustration instead of dropping the mic and sassing your way out of there!

But what lesson do we learn from these experiences? Communication of our thoughts and feelings sound completely different in our heads than they do once vocalised. If you want to nail it, you have to practice. In the mirror, to a friend or anybody that will listen. Structure your answers and examples and practice them, out loud! This will not only calm your nerves but it will ensure your communication flows, allowing you to hit all the relevant points.

Be yourself

So many candidates forget the importance of building a rapport and giving the panel an idea of who you really are as a person. All of my clients place a huge focus on cultural fit and sometimes, even if you tick all the boxes and completely meet the brief, this isn’t enough. The one part you don’t have to swot up on and rehearse is YOU! Fitting in with a team or company cultural is paramount to all hires so make sure that you allow for enough relaxation to show off your personality and let your loveliness shine through. Smile, engage, make eye contact and give a solid hand shake. The vibes will flow and the nerves will fade away and you’ll leave them wanting to work with you in the future.

Be mindful

If at interview you start to feel the nerves taking over, be mindful. Centre yourself and check back in with reality. You’re here, having a conversation about you (something you know everything about), you’ve done your homework on the company and the job. All they can ask you is about is what you’ve done in the past and what you can bring to the table for this job. You know your skillset and have prepared some great examples of this.

Once you frame the situation it instantly becomes easier to manage and move forward. And don’t forget, this is a conversation so allow it to be just that. If you forget a point you wanted to make or feel you could have answered better, just communicate. ‘Before we move on do you mind if I just take you through a further example, relevant to your last question?’ or ‘would you like me to provide further detail on that project?’ Your panel will only respect you more for not letting the opportunity to shine pass you by.

Above all breathe, trust yourself and show them what you’ve got. This is not a pass or fail situation, it’s as much of a learning activity for them as it is for you, you’ve got this!

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Ciara Merriman,Senior Consultant,Banking & Finance. Executive Connections