2019 plans to be a very active year on the jobs market within the funds and asset management industry with a number of new companies confirmed to be moving over from the UK. So here are some tips to help you being prepared and the pitfalls to avoid. The interview process can move quickly so if you’re prepared you can get a jump on the competition and before you know it have a fantastic new career. Here are 4 C’s to remember.

Career Plan

Take the long-term view in terms of your career and what you really want to do. Ask yourself, “Where I you want to be in five years’ time?” This is where a good consultant can help you map your career path and be a very valuable resource. It’s a free service so use them to the fullest extent.


Be open and honest about what you’re really seeking for your next role. By doing this you won’t end up going for interviews just for the sake of going. You’ll be going for roles you really want. Tell your consultant all processes your involved in. Being in demand is a good thing and make companies want you even more. So let them know. Don’t spread yourself too thin by using too many recruiters.

Compensation Package Expectations

Be aware of your market rate and what’s out there. Have an open and honest discussion with your consultant. You don’t want to price yourself out of the role just on salary as long term it could be much more lucrative. A company with extensive growth plans is a much better career move rather than a company that has stagnated in terms of growth but are offering a higher base for now. Find out what the bonus and benefits package are. It could actually be far more valuable rather than just going by the base salary.

Counter Offers

Your professional reputation in the market is one of your most valuable attributes. You must protect it as best you can. Whether it’s as simple as turning up to an interview in your most professional appearance you have to consider the ramifications of accepting a counter offer. If recruitment consultants and companies feel as though a candidate is using them only to receive a counter offer by their current employer it may harm your reputation. The vast majority of candidates that do accept a counter offer are back on the market within 6 months anyway but now they have that many fewer options.

Best of luck in your career for 2019.

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